Thursday, September 8, 2016

goodbye summer || dear autumn (FOLLOWERS PLEASE READ)

^^ reading one another's writing 'cause thats what you do at a park

dearest summer,
boy, am i gonna miss you
with your green leaves
blue skies
and swimming filled days
with your seemingly never ending sunlight
bare feet and library days
tubing down rivers
and climbing sand dunes
i started my first novel at your beginning
as well as got my first dslr
days of camping
and the smell of fresh cut grass
picking mini shells from rivers
taking walks whenever i please
without a bother of shoes
dear summer, i'll miss you
come again soon


dear autumn,
with your golden leaves
apple cider
and fuzzy socks
ice cold fingers as i write
wrapping my hands around cocoa
with your oversized sweaters
and extra blankets
and my birthday
the sharp smell of cold
cute combat boots
days of writing
along with nanowrimo
cozy days
and weather of 50 below
hello dear, autumn

do you prefer summer, or autumn?
what will you miss about summer most?

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